I’m a dietitian-nutritionist. Licensed and registered since 1989.

I can point you forward towards lifestyle health.

Topics of Service Include:

-how to eat

-sports specific nutrition

-habits for a lifetime

-your heart

-your gut

-your nerves




Our steps are:

Who- Know Yourself (interview)

What- Do your Best (specific plan)

Where- Understand your Journey (in the process)

Why- Stay on your Path (your accountability plan)

For a free initial consultation, click on the contact page below.

Then, if this option is for you, we will schedule additional visits which can include blood testing, grocery store tour, adding to your knowledge base about food and nutrition, cooking tips, and many other tools to point you forward towards health.

Fees will vary and are discussed upfront. Preferred payment method is by credit card. FAQ page contains more details.



Flower Mound, Texas